PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered up with Universal Pictures to celebrate the release of Freaky. Out in cinemas November 13.

I don’t particularly enjoy horror movies. Actually that’s a lie. I enjoy the first fifteen minutes of horror movies when we get to watch the characters go about their mundane daily lives and worry about mundane daily things, like getting the kids off to school and kissing boys.

But when their worries start to devolve into ‘where has the serial killer gone/how do I exorcise this murderous ghost/is my child possessed by a demonic spirit’ that’s normally when I’m out. Cya later, I’m going to bed. 

It might be a controversial opinion, but I reckon all horror movies should be more funny. That would please me greatly. And that’s exactly why I’m stoked on the new film Freaky (out in cinemas Nov 12). Starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton (of Big Little Lies and The Society fame), Freaky is being hailed as a supernatural slasher black comedy –how’s that for a hybrid – and honestly, I’m HERE FOR IT.

It’s like Freaky Friday meets Scream. Basically, a cute blonde highschooler swaps bodies with a middle aged serial killer man and comedy ensues. It’s got disco scenes followed by chainsaw scenes peppered with irreverently funny dialogue. Well, that’s what I’m getting from the trailer anyway. 

In good news for movie buffs, we have a bunch of super exclusive, advanced screening double passes to give away in Sydney, Perth and Brisvegas. If you’re keen for a cheeky slasher flick, all you gotta do is tell us why you’d be the first to die in a horror movie. 

Sydney screening details:

Wed Nov 11

Event Cinemas, George Street

6:45pm arrival for 7:00pm screening

Perth screening details:

Wed Nov 11

Grand Cinemas, Warwick

6:15pm arrival for 6:30pm screening

Brisbane screening details:

Wed Nov 11

Reading Cinemas, Newmarket

5:45pm arrival for 6:00pm screening

Whatcha waiting for? If you were this slow in a horror movie you’d defs be the first pronounced D-E-D. Entries close 10am November 9, so get your answer in stat. You gotta be in it to win it, mates.