Oh, Good: Momo Is Getting Its Own Horror Movie From The Producer Of ‘It’ 


The legend of Momo, that batshit terrifying thing, appeared to come to an end earlier this year after months of dipping in and out of headlines. All was well, until someone thought it’d be a great idea to turn the cursed image of Momo into a horror movie and that’s why I’m here, writing about… Momo. 

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According to Deadline, film masters Roy Lee and Taka Ichise are teaming up on a film based on the sculpture. You might not know those names but you’ll know their works. Together, they brought The Grudge and The Ring franchises to the big screen and Lee also produced It and it’s forthcoming sequel, It: Chapter 2. 


Deadline also report there’s another, completely separate Momo movie in the works as well. This movie is called Getaway and takes inspiration from the freaky thing. It stars Stef Beaton and Alex Brown. 

If your memory’s a bit blurry when it comes to Momo, here’s a quick refresher: the Momo Challenge, as it’s better known as, was a big old hoax.

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However, Momo was originally a very real sculpture by Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso (surname sometimes printed Aisawa). The artwork debuted as part of the artist’s collection in 2016, her real name is Mother Bird.

In an interview with The Sun, Aiso said he was inspired by the Japanese legend, Ubume – about the ghost of a woman who died in childbirth. She was then reborn as a bird woman, destined to haunt the area where she died. Cute.

Mother Bird, made out of rubber and natural oils, has since been destroyed / recycled because it was starting to rot and it “looked even more terrifying.”

Behold, Mother Bird.

Good stuff.