Another Horror Film About A Killer Doll Is Coming But This One Does *Checks Notes* TikTok Dances

Wake up honey, a new feral, killer doll movie just dropped. This one is called M3GAN and honestly, Annabelle walked so this ridonkulous horror flick could run, nay, gallop.

In the truly ludicrous trailer for M3GAN, we meet a lovely robotics engineer named Gemma (Allison Williams, who you might recognise from Girls and Get Out) who works at a toy company. One of the toys she’s been working on is a super lifelike, AI-driven doll that’s been designed to be the perfect bestie. Famous last words, if I’m honest.

Shit hits the fan when Gemma takes in her orphaned niece Cady (Violet McGraw). Gemma decides to use the Model 3 Generative Android, also known as M3GAN, to protect her niece and help her cope with the loss of her parents.

And you know what? For a while, things looked good. Cady and M3GAN were doing TikTok dances together, playing games and tucking each other into bed. Hell, I wish I could have some of what they had.

But then M3GAN starts getting a bit too big for its boots and takes its role of “protecting Cady” a bit too seriously. How, you ask? By pushing the poor girl’s friend onto the road, choking Gemma, blowing up an engineering lab and just murdering people in general.

Oh, she also takes a few breaks from a homicidal rampage to bust out some TikTok dances to a tapped version of Taylor Swift‘s ‘It’s Nice To Have A Friend’. This murderous little minx is absolutely for the girls and the gays and you can’t tell me otherwise.

Look, I’m just gonna say it: she’s serving cunt here. Photo credit: M3GAN / Gerard Johnstone / Universal Pictures.

Gerard Johnstone helmed the flick and the story was written by Akela Cooper and James Wan.

As much as I detest a horror movie (bring back the rinky-dink romantic comedy, I say!) I reckon M3GAN will actually be properly terrifying ‘cos Cooper wrote Malignant and Wan has directed a bunch of scary flicks, such as Saw and The Conjuring.

He also produced Annabelle, so you can rest assured the bloke knows his way around a freaky doll. It’s a weird flex, but I’m not here to yuck anyone else’s yum.

Naturally, the internet is going hog wild over how fucking bonkers M3GAN looks.

The tapped doll has even been talking to Megan Thee Stallion on Twitter, which is nice.

M3GAN is scheduled for release in the US on January 13, 2023, so we’ll just have to wait and see when it comes to Australia.