The latest person to get a mullet is…ahh…um…Ted Cruz??? So thanks, now the haircut sucks again.

After leaving a meeting with Donald Trump‘s impeachment lawyers, Ted Cruz was met by a bunch of press and deliberately ignored them. Maybe he was too focussed on having business at the front, and a party at the back?

Of course it didn’t take long for the internet freak out about Cruz’ new haircut. He’s now ruined the hairstyle for everyone. So quick shave that mullet down to a number one before you get hounded for looking like crusty-ass Ted Cruz.

This is so painfully accurate, holy shit. I literally know ten people from Caulfield Grammar who have a haircut like this.

Ted Cruz tried to make a joke out of his new haircut, but unfortunately it’s only funny when other people do it, not him.

Somewhere between 2016 and now the mullet made a resurgence and it seemed like every dude from Frankston to Camberwell had one.

But rewind the clock back to when John Farnham and Billy Ray Cyrus had a mullet and they were considered lame as.

So is the mullet back to being lame again, thanks to Ted Cruz?

Well, I think a good indication of when something is officially shit, is when any politician, particularly a conservative decides something is cool. That’s because the literal definition of a conservative means holding traditional values. Which therefore makes a mullet now painfully mainstream.

It’s like when Scott Morrison built a chicken coop, I immediately threw mine away. Just kidding, I don’t have a chicken coop. But if I did, I would have binned it.

To be honest, it’s a real shame to say goodbye to the ol’ business at the front, party at the back. Who am I going to match with on Tinder now? Guys with a crew cut? No thank you.

RIP mullet, you will be missed.

Image: Getty Images / SOPA Images