The Expected Gross For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Has Been Announced & It’s Another Record Breaker

Just days after Time announced her as 2023’s Person Of The Year, Taylor Swift has received even more proof that this year truly was hers. According to projected profits the Eras Tour is the first tour in the world to ever make a one billion dollars.

With the expected gross released by Pollstar Magazine in its end of year chart which showed all the top tours of 2023.

Pollstar’s Top 10 worldwide tours of 2023. Source: Pollstar.

Swift sits at the top of the list with an impressive total grossing of over $1 billion USD, nearly doubling the next on the list — only a certain Queen Beyoncé, no biggie.

Pollstar’s numbers are gathered from a range of sources, including box office data and estimates from each venue an artist performed at.

According ticketing data online, the cost to see Tay Tay IRL ranged between $80 for a standard ticket, and then up to as much as $1250 for the special VIP packages.

At this price each Eras Tour show makes an average of over $17 million USD, and with a total of 60 shows worldwide you cross the milestone of a billion buckaroos.

The estimated profit is a rough number, and based on the total profit made after the tour is complete.

The Eras Tour is yet to make it to Australia, with tickets already being sold out at all seven of her shows Down Under — the first she’s done since 2018.

Which is also what makes Swift topping the list an even more impressive feat.

The fact that she hasn’t even finished HALF her shows yet, but is still expected to gross this much is actually unfathomable, and a huge testament to her chokehold on the whole world RN.

As well as the billion from the tour itself, the Eras Tour Movie is also expected to rake in a profit of over $200 million USD.

Final estimates of the total profit of the Eras Tour are actually set to be near TWO billion USD. Yeeesh.

But how does Eras stack up to other tours historically?

The second highest grossing tour of all time is Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which made over $900 million USD. However it ran shows across the world for five years, including 2023, whereas Eras only began this year,

The third highest is good friend of Tay and original Swiftie, Ed Sheeran, who’s Divide tour made an adjusted gross of $888 million USD.

Both John and Sheeran’s average gross per show pales in comparison to Tay’s however, both only just reaching $3 million — only falling $14 million short of Eras average gross.

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Onya Tay, we’re as proud as Travis Kelce. A true girlboss moment.

Now please allow me to never consider how this contradicts my firm “eat the rich” and “there are no ethical billionaires” philosophies.