Taronga Zoo Has A Pair Of New Baby Meerkats And Holy Shit They’re So Cute

We hope you’re in a private space or just generally not at work, because you’re about to make some very strange involuntary noises.

Taronga Zoo in Sydney is having a banner year for its meerkat population, with a particularly toey couple apparently procreating with the kind of urgency usually reserved solely for the apocalypse.
Parents Nairobi and Maputo have just welcomed their second litter of pups for the year, having previously welcomed little Lwazi and Serati back in January.
This new pair of wee little mates was trotted out for their first media photoshoot after their birth on August 18th, and will start being introduced to the public exhibit from this week.
And OH YEAH. They just so happen to be *insanely* fkn cute, you guys.
The little pair’s sex is as yet unknown, and is expected to be confirmed next month after they have their first vet examination.
The meerkat’s keeper Courtney Mahony stated the new lil buds are quite the adventurous pair, spurred on by a very supportive family unit.

“They were eager to investigate their new surroundings. These pups are more confident and adventurous than the previous litter and I think that’s because they have mum, dad and two siblings to support and protect them.”

“[Nairobi and Maputo] are fantastic and attentive parents, but it’s also been wonderful to watch big sister Serati play a role in caring for the pups. She’s grooming them, helping to babysit and always checking on them to make sure they’re safe. It’s incredible to see such a young Meerkat stepping up and taking on that responsibility.”

You’ll be able to get your eyes across/melt all over the baby meerkats in short bursts as they are gradually introduced into the public display over the coming weeks.


Photos: Supplied.