It’s Friday Arvo, So Here Are The Fkn Cute Echidnas Just Born At Taronga Zoo

Holy crap you guys, Taronga Zoo just welcomed in three baby echidnas and they’re the cutest fucking things in the world.

The three lil’ puggles (yep, that’s what baby echidnas are called) are the first successful short-beaked echidnas born at the zoo in nearly 30 years. Also, they’re extremely goddamn cute.


The puggles have three different months – Ganyi, Spike and Pitpa – and hatched within days of each other towards the end of August.

They’ve only just started to develop spikes, which is when the mother stops carrying her young around in a pouch-like skin fold and plops them in a specially constructed nursery burrow, retuning every three-to-six days to feed them.

Zoo keeper Suzie Lemon said that all three echidnas are acing this baby game.

“All three mothers are doing an amazing job and tending to their puggles as needed,”
she said. “We have one mum, Spike, who is so attentive that she returns to feed her baby every second day.”
Echidnas are one of only two Australian mammals that lay eggs, the other being the cosmic accident that is the platypus.
Taronga Zoo says not a lot is known about how these guys breed in the wild.

“A great deal of mystery still surrounds this tiny species,”
said Lemon. “Echidnas are quite elusive in the wild, so it’s hard to study their natural breeding behaviours.”

These puggles haven’t been named, yet – keepers are waiting till they are able to determine the sex.

Anyway, we hope your Friday has been brightened by these behbeh animals, thank you and goodnight.

Photos: Supplied.