Taronga Zoo Just Launched A Capybara Cam & Suddenly All Our Weekend Plans Have Cleared

Hello. I just thought you should know that Taronga Zoo launched a capybara cam yesterday, which means you can now watch the glorious rodents for hours and hours and hours. And hours. Important stuff.

The enclosure is home to five brothers – Pedro, Sanchez, Guillermo, Carlos and Rodney. Even the thought of catching their thicc silhouettes in this dusk lighting has me very excited. The most excited I’ve been in weeks, come to think of it.

At time of writing, one of the capybaras (I’m going to assume it’s Guillermo) is having a sit. He hasn’t moved in a few minutes – I’m guessing he’s staring out into the distance thinking about those two British sisters who forgot to flush that disgoostang shet while reciting a Cher Lloyd song. Because that’s what I spend 99% of my iso weekends doing, as well. (Guillermo and I are very similar, you see).

There’s also been some bubbling going on in the water to the right, there. It’s either a water feature or Rodney signalling for help.

Although it’ll be a much more productive viewing session when lighting is restored, I’m sure you’ll still find the capybara enclosure riveting nontheless.

Check it out below. See you in the stream, team.