Fair to say that there’s barely a person walking the face of the planet who wasn’t at least a little bit moved by the untimely and thunderously tragic passing of the one and only Prince.

The iconic purple one passed away late last week at the age of 57.

And among the ocean of tributes that poured out globally from those touched by the incomparable musician’s career, a mural in Sydney stood tall as one of the best.

The public artwork, crafted by artist Mr G Hoete, skimmed around the internet after he completed the five-and-a-half hour project on a wall outside the Street Uni in the Sydney suburb of Liverpool over the weekend.

And now there are calls for the man behind the mural to create an even bigger tribute in a location a little closer to Prince’s heart.

Fans from Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota have apparently been calling for Hoete to travel to Paisley Park to create a bigger, more permanent tribute to the late artist, and Hoete is definitely up for the challenge.

In a post made on the artist’s Facebook page, Hoete is attempting to crowdsource the funding needed to get him to Minneapolis, as well as a suitable wall to paint the tribute on.

And Hoete ain’t aiming small, either. The project has the potential to adorn a wall five-storeys tall.

Speaking to the ABC, Hoete stated that the reaction to the project has caught him well off guard, but the chance to travel to Prince’s hometown will not be one he’ll pass up.

“All day yesterday I got phone calls with interview requests, there was just this hype of activity around it. I put it on Facebook and heaps of people just responded.”

“I didn’t foresee that kind of a response. It’s on the streets, so it’s public and it can be seen by heaps of people, but I didn’t expect the reaction to be so huge.”

Hoete seemingly isn’t seeking funding or payment for the project beyond travel and accommodation expenses.

Source: ABC News.

Photo: Mr G Hoete/Facebook.