SYDNEY: You’ve Got A New Prince Mural & Fans Are Already Paying Tribute

You may have, just maybe, noticed Sydney has been the very recent recipient of a fair few controversial murals. Your walls have been adorned with Kim KardashianKanye Westand Mike Baird, all of whom have been the target of significant ire at one time or another.

Welp, your newest mural keeps all that ~iconic~ vibe while ditching the controversy (heh). Seriously, we challenge anyone to have a problem with this. Behold, Mr G’brand-spanking new tribute to Prince:

That absolute cracker has been thrown up at Street University, where ardent fans of the Purple One have already begun what (should be) the city’s premiere shrine to that crazy wonderful bastard. 

Isn’t it nice that we can all agree on a mural for once?

Source: Mr G Hoete Art / Facebook.