Taylor Swift Songs Will Play On Various Sydney Trains From Friday So RIP Any Non-Swiftie Commuters

As you already know by now, Taylor Swift is in Sydney and literally everyone is talking about it, whether by choice or state mandate. In order to get all aboard the Swiftie bandwagon, certain Sydney trains will be playing the superstar’s iconic tracks while on the tracks. If you’re not a Tay Tay fan, Uber is looking pretty good right now.

In one of the few pieces of news to come from NSW Transport that isn’t about delays or strikes, it was announced that from this Friday (February 23) to Monday (February 26) trains between Central Station and Sydney Olympic Park Station will be blasting Tay’s tunes.

While the record breaking Eras Tour features over three hours of the international star’s most iconic songs, the trip between these two train stations is only 20 minutes long, and therefore will feature a shorter set list.

Currently the confirmed tracks are:

  • “Shake It Off”
  • “Anti-Hero”
  • “I Knew You Were Trouble”
  • “You Belong With Me “
  • “Cruel Summer”

Pretty bummed that NSW Transport missed the opportunity to play “Is It Over Now?” which is what I always play whenever it’s rush hour and I’m trying to board a train at Town Hall Station.

This cute little display of Swiftie-solidarity from the public transport organisation comes after officials have encouraged all those attending the Eras Tour Sydney shows to use public transport to get to and from Accor Stadium, where the shows will be held.

Additionally, everyone with tickets to Taylor Swift’s shows will have access to FREE public transport from Friday to Monday. So really, those tickets have paid for themselves now.

In order to manage the excess of folks using public transport over the busy weekend due to Blink-182’s shows as well as Taylor’s, hundreds of additional services for buses and trains have been arranged, to ensure that no Swiftie gets left behind.

More details on how to get yourself to and from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Sydney can be found on NSW Transport’s website which now has a page specifically dedicated to the “22” singer. A number that coincidentally is also the amount of Sydney trains that have ever been on time.

Or you can read PEDESTRIAN.TV’s piece on how to get yourself to the historic shows here.

Additionally, we can report that the potential income Swift could generate from Spotify due to having these trains play her music is predicated to be in the DOZENS of cents.