Sydney Tower Cops Instantly Iconic Lightning Strike During Mother Of Storm

In case you’ve somehow managed to miss all news services so far today – and have, y’know… not looked outside – the east-coast of Australia is currently copping an absolute battering from a string of afternoon supercell thunderstorms, caused by a pesky, slow-moving low pressure system.

Sydney in particular is currently in the middle of an absolute belter of storm, with heavy rain and winds sweeping across the metro area from about 1pm.
And whilst ordinarily storms are at best a bit of a nuisance, and at worst borderline terrifying stuff, this one just so happens to be metal as fuck.
An exaggerated cartoon-lightning shape bolt from the heavens struck the CBD’s Sydney Tower just on 1:20pm.

Instagram user Mike Morrow captured an image of the strike up close. And it’s AWESOME.

Finally!! I got one! #sydneystorm #westfield #lightning #thunderstorm #storms

A photo posted by Mike Morrow (@mikejmorrow) on

If that image isn’t ringing any (hell’s) bells, then maybe this will jog your memory.

Bloody YES MATE.
The heavens might have opened, but hell ain’t a bad place to be.
Photo: Mike J Morrow/Instagram.