Sydney has been witness to some fucking wild scenes at the hands of Mother Nature today, with the storm looking unlikely to subside anytime soon.

At 5PM, the NSW Bureau of Meteorology reported that Sydney had already seen 90.6mm of rain since 9AM this morning, with 110km/h gusts of wind being recorded at Fort Denison. There have also been reports of flooding, abnormally high tides and train delays, while multiple inbound commercial flights were reportedly halted. According to electricity distribution company Ausgrid, over “77,000 customers are without power across Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle”.

Check out some of the wildest scenes captured by Sydney-siders today.

It’ll be a wet night ahead for us Sydney folk, so try your best to stay indoors, and to avoid travelling through the flood warning areas. I’d recommend using this opportunity to jump into bed and catch up on Cheer, The Circle or Love Island (in other words, what I’ve already been doing every night of 2020). For the latest warnings, head on over to the New South Wales Bureau of Meteorology’s warning summary page here.

Image: Twitter / @DocHarleyMD & @BecHaddad