People Are Posting Absolutely Wild Scenes From That 5-Minute Storm In Sydney

Summer storms are always a time, but the absolute peak level of crazy weather is when a monster one hits for about 0.002 seconds, sending a city apocalyptic before passing on, likely to piss off fish and sharks in the ocean. Like the Sydney storm we just got, not even an hour ago. For five minutes.

[jwplayer Gxerqo9U]

Okay, I don’t *actually* know if it hit for 5 minutes, but it felt like it – it’s now normal and sunny (???) outside. Not that long ago it was… not. Check out some of the primo content people have posted of their own experiences in the Sydney storm.

In not great news, the storm has allegedly caused more fires – including one to jump from Wisemans Ferry into Dharug National Park. Hopefully the winds die down and the new fires can be contained.