Sydney Officially Carks It: Single Car Space In Kirribilli Sells For $120,000

With the “housing bubble” rhetoric floating hopelessly and endlessly above the increasingly fuck-off expensive suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, of late, the national conversation on real estate has descended into madness beyond compare.

Yesterday, we laid down everything you need to know about the “housing bubble” and housing affordability crisis; if only we knew, that in the mere few hours following, a single and unsecured car space in Kirribilli would sell for a staggering $120,000.
One hundred. And twenty. Thousand. Dollars.
Because if we knew that a shitty piece of concrete,  measuring 12 metres squared, would sell for more money than we’re likely to see in our lives, we wouldn’t have bothered to even comment on the housing affordability crisis, we would have just ran—screaming—from Sydney, fleeing to greener cheaper pastures.
The parking space in question went under the hammer this morning, soaring $70,000 above its reserve price, with a crowd of sixty vying for the spot (or just snooping on the spectacle). “Whether you’ve got a Peugeot, Ferrari, Porsche or Ford, your car will have a fabulous view,” the auctioneer told the crowd, according to Domain. “You can even add value by sweeping the leaves from the corner and re-painting the lines.”

Go home Sydney. You’re so fucking drunk.
Via Domain