A Syd Mother Shared A Brutal Note She Received From An Anonymous Neighbour About Her Crying Bébé

A Sydney mother has received a nasty letter from an anonymous neighbour complaining about her baby’s crying.

Earlier this week, the mother shared the scathing letter to Sydney Mums Group on Facebook. According to Yahoo! News, the mother claimed the letter was “stuffed” under her door over the weekend.

“Please six long months we have been having very disturbing baby crying start early morning,” the letter reads in bold.

“Please find a solution’s [sic] we need our sleep as much as you do. I am sure for residents who are closer to you feel the same.”

Alongside the photo of the letter, the mother explained that it had been a rough week and that her 15-month-old son had been sick.

“For the past three weeks, my little guy has had on and off fevers/daycare illnesses and as a result has been kept home,” she wrote.

“He’s had a fever, and at night he’s been waking every two hours because of his blocked nose and cough.”

She also told the group that she lived in an apartment building, hence why she received the brutal note.

9Honey reported that the mother asked her fellow members for some advice on how to address the cooked letter.

Thankfully a lot of members of the group showered the mother with support because that’s what she bloody deserves.

One person wrote: “Just ignore them. Obviously they either don’t have children or too [sic] ignorant.”

“Tell them they are welcome to come babysit and give you a break otherwise mind their own business,” another person wrote, per 9Honey.

And to be quite frank, I 100 per cent agree with these comments. As someone who doesn’t even have a kiddo, I cannot imagine the struggle the mother must be going through, especially if their child is sick and restless.

Hopefully, the neighbour owns up to their anonymous note and attempts to speak to the mother about their issues while being compassionate.