This TikToker’s Neighbour Left Her A Note Complaining About Her Earth-Shattering ‘Animal Sex’

A TikTok user woke up to find her neighbour had thrown a pass-agg note over their shared fence alleging she *checks notes* had “animal sex” so intense that it disturbed everyone who lived near her. Honestly, if that isn’t goals, I don’t know what is.

Amber Odon is a sex worker and social media user who posted the video to TikTok.

According to the vid, her neighbour was quite disgruntled after witnessing one of her visits to pound town that they ripped off a piece of paper, grabbed their pen and wrote a note for her.

“If your [sic] going to have animal sex during the middle of the day, please close your bloody windows!! Ta,” read the letter.

Hey mates, it’s mould season. You gotta keep those windows open, no matter how cold it is outside.

Odon shared footage of the letter with the caption: “It’s official, I can never leave my house again.”

I don’t think I want to ask why the term “animal sex” was used in the note here. Let’s just hope it’s another way of describing a bangin’ session and not anything else. Moving ON. Don’t want to THINK about it.

When you give a bunch of TikTokers the chance to talk about their own sexual endeavours, you better believe they’ll take it. The comments section for this video is full of some wild stuff.

“My neighbour called police on us once. It was so embarrassing, they thought that I’m being murdered because of how I screamed,” one commenter wrote.

“Happened to us in like three different homes… I always tell them to close their own windows,” wrote another.

Other commenters had a thing or two to say about the note and how rude the neighbour was in writing it.

“Throw a note back with ‘*you’re’ on it,” one commenter wrote.

“Throw one back over and say thanks for watching,” wrote another.

“The sweet sound of bitterness – that same sound got them stuck with the kids they have now,” wrote a third.

Personally, if I saw/heard my neighbours going at it like rabbits through my window I would just… shut my window. Or invest in curtains, maybe?