3 Sydney Influencers Are Suing A Chinese Restaurant For Accusing Them Of Faking Food Poisoning

Three Aussie influencers are suing a Chinese restaurant after the establishment accused them of faking food poisoning in order to dodge a $364 bill, and the whole situation is messy AF.

Picture this: it’s December 2020, and we’re kinda out of the woods with ‘Rona. Places are slowly opening up, and influencers are slowly popping out everywhere. BAM! A popular restaurant publicly calls out three influencers who allegedly attempted to skip out on the bill that costs more than your weekly grocery shop. And it’s the hottest internet tea you’ve seen in a while.

This is exactly how I remember the drama between Cabramatta’s Silver Pearl venue and influencers Jennifer Do, Julie and Belinda Nguyen. But now, it looks like their online beef has fully manifested into a Federal Court case.

The Australian reported that Federal Court Judge Robert Bromwich, who’s presiding over the influencers’ case, has been accused of not taking the matter seriously after an application was made to have him thrown off the case.

To give you the TL;DR: the three influencers visited the Chinese restaurant on December 25, 2020. After they dined, the establishment’s official Instagram posted a recount of the alleged behaviours of Do and the Nguyen sisters. According to Daily Mail Australia, the Instagram post was produced in Federal Court.

In the now-deleted IG post, the restaurant shared a photo of the influencers with the text, “Beware FRADULENT DINERS”.

“Halfway through the meal, they complained to staff that they were ‘feeling sick’ and accused us of serving them frozen lobster, instead of fresh/live lobster, which apparently was the reason for them ‘feeling sick’,” the post said.

“Note the CCTV footage of them continuing to eat WHILST complaining about the food too.

“After they COMPLETELY FINISHED their sashimi and wine, they refused to pay. They were rude and tried to bully our waitstaff that we’re not fluent in English.”

The restaurant also said that they brought the lobster’s remains to the table to reassure the influencers that “the lobster they chose was the lobster was served to them”.

“We located the girls and their mother through Instagram and sent them a private message asking them to settle the matter in private and pay for the balance of their bill of $364. Within 24 hours, they have ALL BLOCKED US,” the post claimed, per Daily Mail Australia.

The restaurant went on to call out the three influencers by name and said they were “disappointed” with their “dishonest and fraudulent” behaviour.

“This is totally classless behaviour, and we hope your reputation was worth tarnishing for $364,” the post read.

The trio of influencers said that the restaurant’s post depicted them as “fraudulently obtaining a free dinner and wine by falsely claiming the food made them sick”, per Daily Mail Australia. They also allege the IG post portrayed them as “scammers” and “bullies”.

According to news.com.au, Justice Bromwich ripped into the influencer’s case during court proceedings, suggesting that the Federal Court hears cases like Ben Roberts-Smith and “not cases of this kind”.

The influencers’ barrister Roger Rasmussen said it would be a shame if the Federal Court became a “celebrity court”.

Justice Bromwich replied: “It would be a shame if this court was turned into a neighbourhood disputes court.”

Rasmussen attempted to have Justice Bromwich thrown off the case for “apprehended bias”. However, Justice Bromwich said there is no evidence to support the barrister’s submission, per The Australian.

The influencers were ordered to pay Silver Pearl’s costs in that application. The case will return to court in September, Daily Mail Australia reports.

Image Source: Instagram / Julie Nguyen and Silver Pearl Venues