Sydney Is Celebrating Lunar New Year With Adorable Puppy Ambassadors

2018 is the Year Of The Dog. A time that symbolises loyalty and honesty; reflecting the nature of our four-legged, extremely stubborn but brilliantly loveable, best puppy mates.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the team from the City Of Sydney (that’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore and friends) have put together a straight-up adorable campaign that uses some very handsome puppos.

So please, say hello to Moya, Flopsy, Jassie, Romeo, Archie, and Joy. Your poster pups for the upcoming New Year celebrations.

Chinese-born Australian artist Danling Xiao is behind the ~creative direction~ of the photoshoot and getting the mugs of these (very adorable) mutts out onto the streets of Sydney. Tbh she’s done a bang-up job considering animals are easily one of the most difficult talents to work with, on-par with children. It’s always a bloody task, let me tell ya.

Danling has previously been a part of Vivid Festival, and has a very grouse series called Mundane Matterswhere she explores the issues of food wastage and sustainability through her art.

Anyway, the important thing is, is that these puppies are CUTE AS HECK and I can’t wait to see them pinned up all over the city in the lead up to Lunar New Year on Feb 16.