WATCH: Flume And A Tiny Puppy Are Maximum Cuteness In New Bonds Ad

First thing’s first, Bonds have been kinda really hitting it out of the ballpark with the ads lately.

There was that ad featuring Richmond FC‘s Dustin Martin (and another impossibly-adorable puppy) that made me need to lie down for a long time. You know the one I mean.

Now the latest campaign for Bonds Originals has ya best boy Flume (aka Harley Streten) in pastels, playing ping pong, kicking around a soccer ball, and giving a big ol’ smooch to a tiny adorable puppy.

It’s wildly reminiscent of his recent cameo in Charli XCX‘s film clip for arguably the best song of 2017, ‘Boys’, which was by all means a teenage wet dream.

Never forget.

The advert – which also features Duckie ThotSamara Weaving, Keiynan Lonsdale and Rachel Tee Tyler, all very-good-looking folks in comfy jumpers, shorts, and bralettes – introduces and showcases the newest wave of Aussie brand ambassadors for the company.

I’m sure somewhere out there Pat Rafter is looking at this video while scratching his chin and nodding in approval.

Check out the ad below and good luck to you making it beyond the 25-second mark when the teeny tiny soft baby angel shows up, oh and the puppy’s there too.