Sydney, It Is Your Civic Duty To Cuddle Guide Dog Pups In Martin Place Today

If you’ve hit the Friday willies and you need to just get the hell out of the office/work/whatever and take a breather in Sydney than may I suggest you duck down to Martin Place from 12.30ish? No real reason, apart from the fact that there’s going to be a bunch of guide dog puppies (!!!) down there to cuddle your end-of-week stresses away.

[jwplayer WCgqZlic]

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is trotting out some of their cutest little recruits into the heart of the business end of town to put one some puppy school demonstrations between 12.30 and 1.40pm today, rounding out with a puppy cuddle sesh from 2pm for those who need a bit of unconditional puppy love to make it through to the weekend.

Ugh my HEART.

The pups are not just there to give you a bit of stress relief in the middle of the day, they’re also adorable ambassadors for Guide Dogs (considering they’ll one day grow up to be assistance dogs for people with low vision) who just want to spread the word about the journey of a trained guide dog in literally the most adorable way possible.

So make any and all excuse to nip out of the office for a “long lunch” today, which definitely 100% includes not eating any lunch whatsoever and having a big ol’ cuddle with a bunch of impossibly cute guide dog puppies instead.

It’s been a long week, you deserve it.