Syd Women’s March Protesters Give One-Fingered Salute To Trump Skywriting

Because the inauguration of a proudly racist, outwardly misogynistic, accused sexually-abusive President of the United States is bound of lead to some public tensions, today has been filled with all sorts of protests/limo-burning/Nazi punching.
Now, in one of the less-firey but somehow more ridiculous examples, someone has paid $4,000 to have the word “Trump” tarnish Sydney’s beautiful blue sky, reportedly meant to coincide with the 5,000 strong Women’s March.

Two of these messages appeared above Sydney around midday today, and, while it’s not immediately clear who’s responsible for the eye-sores, Rob Vance from Skywriting Australia has said his company wrote them for a group of Australian Trump supporters who’d like to remain anonymous.
Never mind the fact that protesting a Women’s March blatantly labels your group as, y’know, anti-women and therefore extremely shit, the skywriting has only galvanised demonstrators. Admittedly, it couldn’t be expected to do much else, as skywriting is maybe the least effective form of protest next to carving out “Trump” in sand.

Now, Twitter is also having a wonderful time guessing who might have organised the message, with suspected culprits ranging from Mark Latham to Miranda Devine to (shudder) some North Shore Young Liberal.
Our guess here at P.TV? Sussan Ley is a neo-liberal politician with a confirmed love of the sky and lots of free time on her hands, so, y’know, join the dots.
In more positive news, it looks like the Sydney protest itself was going strong; while exact figures are notoriously difficult to pin down, estimates put the number of demonstrators somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000. 
Whatever the exact figure, with a further 600 events planned around the world we can expect to see a lot more kickass photos like these.

Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Twitter / Charles Burns