Some Gronk’s Paid Good Money To Have A Skywriter Blaze ‘Trump 2020’ Across Sydney’s Skies


It’s been a week since Joe Biden declared victory in the US election, winning both the popular vote and the electoral college, but Donald Trump has still refused to concede, and continues to Tweet angrily about corruption and voter fraud.

Today, nearly two weeks after the US went to the polls, an unknown Sydney person decided it would be a good time to hire a light plane and have ‘Trump 2020’ emblazoned above the city’s skyline. Why now? It’s unclear, but everyone sure noticed.

The skywriting was visible during the Women’s Big Bash League WBBL match between the Adelaide Strikers and the Sydney Sixers at Drummoyne Oval, while conservative commentator Rita Panahi saw it from her hotel balcony.

Photos began appearing on social media, with Seven News correspondent Amelia Brace pointing out that “it’s a bit late and geographically distant to help him in the electoral college.”

Nobody has yet claimed credit for the skywriting, so it could be the same people who had the name Trump written in the sky on his inauguration day in 2017, or someone totally different. Whatever the case, it’s an efficient way to ruin a beautiful Sydney day.

In Washington overnight, the president’s supporters rallied, and he gave them a wave as he drove past on his way to play golf. White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany claimed that a million people showed up, although other more realistic estimates put crowd numbers in the thousands.

Trump himself has claimed hundreds of thousands, so I guess these numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt:

In recent days, Trump has suffered a number of setbacks in his ongoing attempts to undermine Joe Biden’s election win. A court in Philadelphia denied his campaign’s request to invalidate a number of mail-in ballots, and in Michigan, a request to block the certification of votes was denied.

Meanwhile in Arizona, the president’s campaign dropped a lawsuit alleging that some in-person votes in the state were improperly rejected, with Biden’s lead in the state being too large for the disputed votes to make a difference.