The creator of Storm Area 51 has announced a UFO-themed festival, ‘Alienstock’, that will apparently take place in the closest town to Area 51 on the same weekend as the supposed storming. Oh, boy.

21-year-old Matty Roberts is spearheading the music festival, which will be held 19-22 September in Rachel, Nevada, two hours outside of Las Vegas.

“They can’t stop us from gathering and celebrating Aliens! This event is taking place whether we set up or not- it’s basically its own entity now,” Alienstock’s website states.

“Come out to the desert to dive into a world full of live music, arts, and camping under the stars.”

“Our goal is to secure the residencies of Rachel and provide a safe & fun experience for all of those who attend.” Seems… promising.

Whether this is legitimate or not, the small, desert town of Rachel  – home to less than 100 people – is taking it very seriously. “The residents were not asked and are not on board and will certainly not allow their town to be taken over,” reads a quote from a statement released on the town’s offical website.

Why does their official website look like something I made on Paint for a class project in Year 2? I’m actually screaming.

There are obviously a few minor issues with Alienstock, the first being that it’s free and organisers are asking for donations, instead, to help pay for everything. Then there’s the fact that “there is no gas and no store” in Rachel, as stated on the town’s website. Additionally, the only motel in Rachel, called ‘Little A’Le’Inn’, is already fully booked out that weekend.

Side note: whoever came up with the name ‘Little A’Le’Inn’ deserves a crown. I just spat out my oxygen.

Little A’Le’Inn, how I love thee.

This is going to be an interesting one. Watch this ~space~ for more developments.

In the meantime, check out Alienstock’s website and FB event for more alien tea.

2019 is out of this world.

Source: TIME

Image: Twitter / Alienstock