Only 75 Punters Tried To Storm Area 51 Today, So I Guess We Wont Be Seeing Them Aliens

My faith in humanity has been restored because only 75 people actually tried to storm Area 51 as part of Friday’s event.

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Just last night I covered the news that over 1500 people legitimately travelled to the nearby town of Rachel in preparation for the “storm”, but it looks like they’re all a bunch of phoneys because only 75 people actually approached the gates of the top-secret base that’s absolutely hiding some alien shit.

At about 2.30am on Friday morning (the *official* start time of the event), only a small percentage of the people who claimed they were “attending” the event actually lingered around the Nevada Testing and Training Range, which contains the infamous Area 51 site.

According to Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee, 15o people were daring enough to approach the general military base area, but only 75 tried to “storm” the main gate, with another 40 punters hanging around near a different gate.

“It’s really picking up. We’re getting hundreds of visitors right now at the Rachel gate,” Lee said on Friday afternoon.

Despite over two million people initially clicking “attending” on the Facebook event page, only 0.00375% of them actually took it seriously. Peace has been restored to the world, almost nobody is as stupid as I was anticipating.

But it looks like most of the people were actually just hanging around hoping to catch a glimpse of the stupidity, blissfully unaware that they themselves were the ones who looked idiotic. Most of the punters were just keen to put on a tinfoil hat and run amok in the Nevada desert, which honestly sounds like a hoot.

According to, none of the attendees actually tried to force their way into the facility, which is probably for the best because the US military aren’t the people you want to be messing with.

Only three people have been arrested in relation to the event, so far. One punter was caught for alleged trespassing, while the other two were arrested for public urination and alcohol-related issues.

The event, which all started after a guy named Matty Roberts thought it’d be funny to start a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51: They Can’t Stop All Of Us” back in late July.

And now, two months later, we’re reporting on the real news because a bunch of people who take the internet way too seriously actually made the trek out to Area 51. Bear in mind, Rachel, Nevada is a two hour drive from Las Vegas. This base is legitimately in the middle of fucking nowhere, likely, to stop people trying to storm it as part of an internet meme.

Funnily enough, the US Navy actually confirmed the existence of UFOs earlier this week, so maybe Area 51 is just a giant alien party. Who knows? Maybe that’s where Harold Holt ended up?

But it looks like we wont be seeing them aliens anytime soon, so I’d suggest you follow Tom Delonge on social media for your daily dose of extraterrestrial bullshit until aliens choose to invade and destroy our worthless planet.

Or we could always try to storm Area 51-A? Just a thought.

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