Counties In Nevada Are Declaring A State Of Emergency Ahead Of The Big Area 51 Storming

It looks like some rural towns are well and truly shitting themselves in preparation for the supposed-storming of Area 51, with two Nevada counties literally declaring a state of emergency.

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Lincoln County (where Area 51 is located) and Nye County (a neighbouring county) have both voiced their concerns.

Jon Koenig, chairman of the Nye County Commission, fears that the surrounding area’s amenities are not equipped to cope with a mass influx of Area 51-goers.

“There will probably be no water … or ice available, because everything’s going to sell out,” he said, according to ABC15. “There will be no gas left in the gas stations. No food. Nowhere to go potty. If you’re coming, be prepared, because it’s not going to be nice.”

Potty. hehe.

Meanwhile, it looks like ‘Alienstock’ is still going ahead, spearheaded by ‘Storm Area 51’ event creator Matty Roberts. The festival, promising “a world full of live music, arts, and camping under the stars” is supposedly being held 19-22 September in Rachel, Nevada, two hours outside of Las Vegas.

Whether this goes ahead or not, you have to admit how wild it is that a Facebook event has subsequently lead to multiple state of emergency declarations. 2019 really be like that, huh?