Even “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, America’s Proudest Redneck, Wants Gun Laws Cleaned Up

It’s a little-known fact of US politics that the exact, specific pulse of the American people beats within one single man: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Lose Austin’s endorsement, lose the will of the public. And as the debate surrounding gun laws in the United States continues to ramp up, Austin has made his ruling: Clean it up. Clean it all up immediately.

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Stone Cold spoke to Sports Illustrated and revealed his thoughts on the matter on the tail end of a week where America was rattled by a string of mass shootings that have thus far prompted the same nothing response from any political figure with the ability to actually do something about it all.

The master of the Stone Cold Stunner made his views clear: America needs, at the very least, significantly upgraded background checks for people who wish to purchase firearms.

Austin stated that, while he “didn’t want to get into” the subject of stricter gun control laws, he is very much in favour of people having to undergo much tougher background checks before purchasing firearms, and that “it seems like people don’t understand the value of a life” anymore.

As far as gun laws go, that’s such a complex subject. I believe background checks should be way more extensive than they are now. I’m an avid outdoorsman. Everybody knows I’m an avid hunter. I like to shoot targets. But I’m extremely safe with all of my firearms, and I think that maybe it should be mandatory that people are taught, from a respect standpoint, what these things can do.

Stricter gun control laws? I don’t wanna get into that. Deeper background checks? Certainly. I mean they crawl up you when you’re just trying to apply for a mortgage, for a loan, so by that same token they should do a real extensive background check on who and what they’re selling a firearm to.

It just seems like people don’t understand the value of a life.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, folks. Stomping a mudhole in America’s lax background checks for firearms and walking that sumbitch dry.

And that’s the bottom line.