Texas Locals See Fake Mass-Shooting Demo, Raise It With Farts & Dildos

The debate over gun control in America is raging pretty hard at the moment, with the nation seemingly content to keep its head in the sand on the issue – particularly the conservative side of things.

Running with the argument that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” or – as Jim Jeffries put it – the “FUCK YOU DON’T TAKE MY GUNS” line of reasoning, you might have read about a group of open-carry enthusiasts (aka, white people) who have been planning a protest in Texas.
The gun owners, geniuses that they are, are planning to march through the Texan capital of Austin, proudly brandishing their legally obtained death-bringers, before converging on the Austin campus of the University of Texas where their grand display will culminate in a staged “mass shooting event,” presumably to show definitively that good guys w/ weapons > immigrants, or something like that.
In response to this absolutely sane idea that cannot possibly go wrong in any way whatsoever, some future Nobel Peace Prize recipient has organised a counter-protest that see Austin residents and friends of the UT community engage in a “mass farting” event.
In addition, there will be people waving dildos about in support.
Tim Sookram, one of the organisers of the protest, stated their intentions thusly:
“Clearly these people have no problem with demonstrations that are in poor taste, so we will be meeting their threats with humour.”

The protests promise to feature “people with fart noisemakers, including toys, smart phone apps, whoopee cushions, their hands, and potentially own butts.”

This, my dear friends, is what real freedom feels like.
Toot on, you absolute lords. Toot on!
Source: Mashable.