Sophie Delezio Announced She Is Pregnant With Her First Child And It’s So Damn Ca-Yute

Beloved Aussie Sophie Delezio has announced that she and her fiancé Joseph Salerno are pregnant with their first child. Massive congrats to the happy couple!

Sophie became a household name in 2003 when at the age of two she suffered serious injuries in a car crash, which caused her to lose both her feet, several fingers, and right ear. She then survived another traffic accident in 2006 and received broken bones and a heart attack as a result.

Now, more than 20 years later, she has announced that she and Joseph are expecting a child to be born in September 2024.

“The greatest gift of all coming in September!” Sophie wrote.

Source: @soph.delezio Instagram.

Sharing the news on the same day as her 23rd birthday, Sophie and Joseph shared a collection of photos showcasing her baby bump, a sonogram, and Joseph getting in on the baby-bump fun.

The news is made even cuter by the fact that the pair are childhood sweethearts, and met when they were in Year 9 at a school in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Sophie Delezio also posted a TikTok of the cute AF news to her 108K followers.

“We’re having a baby,” Sophie captioned the video, accompanying the announcement with the song “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes.

@sophiedelezio The greatest gift of all coming in September! 👶🏼🤍 #pregnant #pregnancyjourney ♬ be my baby – &lt3

“This is truly the most beautiful news ever! So happy for you both! Your little one will be surrounded by so much love,” commented one person.

“And we thought the wedding was going to be the big event of 2024,” wrote another.

As well as the baby to look forward to, the pair have been engaged ever since Valentine’s Day of last year, and will have their wedding sometime in the future.

Huge chookas to Sophie and Joseph!

[Image Credit: Sophie Delezio Instagram]