Smosh Fans Are Unsure To Believe If Shayne Topp & Courtney Miller Are Actually Married

Fans of the iconic YouTube channel Smosh were confused on April Fool’s Day when two members of the team, Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller, seemingly hard-launched their marriage.

However, fans were left unsure if the huge announcement was a prank, given the fact that A) they are comedians, B) it was April 1st, and C) they weren’t even publicly dating.

Smosh’s Shayne and Courtney post wedding photos on April Fool’s

In a shared post to each of their Instagram pages, on the same day the rest of the world was sharing playful pranks, Shayne and Courtney suddenly dropped a collection of eight photos, not only confirming they were a couple, but that they got married.

Huge if true. (Source: Instagram)

Prior to the post, the pair had not even confirmed as dating, which meant the adorable set of photos were received by over 10K comments from folks who weren’t sure if they were being pranked or not.

“Is this a joke?” asked Chanse McCrary, a new member of the Smosh team.

“I actually threw my phone until I realised what day it was, well done,” commented one non-believer.

“Y’all are playing 4D chess with our hearts right now,” influencer Daniel Thrasher joked.

Because as everyone knows, if there is any day that you should not make a serious announcement, it is April 1st. Especially if you’re a comedian.

But apparently Shayne and Courtney don’t play by the same rules. They made the post anyway, giving it a cheeky captioning implying how “obvious” their relationship was.

“Obviously. 3.29.24,” the couple wrote, alluding to their alleged wedding date.

Prank or not, I want what they have. (Source: Instagram)

Ever since they joined the Smosh Youtube team in 2015 as part of the new cast to appear in the Smosh’s gaming and comedy content, the pair have “shipped” together by fans for most of their time on screen together.

They had even joked in numerous videos about their apparent chemistry, including what appears to be jokes from members of the Smosh team who alluded to the under-wraps wedding.

Aaaaaaand cue the TikTok fan edits.

@dandyboysangel This is both on brand and also a great bit either way 😭 #smosh #shaynetopp #courtneymiller ♬ Submissive & Breedable – Smosh
@shawnyaytopp yall im so happy joke or not. #shourtney #smosh #shaynetopp #courtneymiller ♬ paper rings sped up – taylor’s version
@ernie_edits_ I know there is a huge chance we got pranked today but idc let me have this🤍 #smosh #shartney #shartneyedit #courtneymiller #shaynetopp #courtneymilleredit #shaynetoppedit #smoshedit ♬ original sound – ernie

After 24 hours of fans going absolutely bonkers over the equally cute and surprising announcement, Courtney posted a second drop of pics to their Insta, seemingly confirming that it was not just an April Fool’s prank.

“Happy April 2nd,” Courtney wrote.

“Wait this wasn’t a bit???” Anthony Padilla, one of the Smosh founders commented.

Like Anthony, many fans are still uncertain about how to feel. This could be an incredibly elaborate internet prank, however after multiple posts confirming the marriage, it is highly unlikely.

Look… these guys are comedians after all, so I don’t blame y’all for having trust issues here.

But April Fool me once, shame on you. April Fool me twice, shame on me.

Are Smosh’s Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller actually married?

After a few days of confused reactions from fans, Courtney confirmed to People that the wedding pics were indeed legit.

“Shayne and I indeed got married on March 29th, at the Santa Barbara Courthouse,” Courtney told the pubkication.

“It’s so wonderful to be married to my best friend.”

So if confirmation from the lucky bride isn’t enough proof, then I don’t know what else would ever convince you.

[Image Credit: Instagram.]