Enjoy Some Of The Very Best & Most Savage 2018 April Fool’s Day Pranks

Ah Australia, it’s fantastic living on the other side of the world where it’s past midday and so April Fool’s Day pranks don’t worry us anymore. Can’t say the same for the rest of the world who are just waking up to a shit-storm of jokes.

Now there are the sorta cheesy but grin-worthy jokes by big companies and such like this one…

Twitter/ Netflix US

Yep, so Netflix acquired Seth Rogen and so Netflix now owns the intellectual property of Seth.


And then there are the ones by us normal folk. The ones that will get us in trouble, yelled at, and potentially given the silent treatment for a coupla days.

As always, they’re all being uploaded to Twitter tonight/this morning so kick back, grab a leftover hot cross bun and be thankful you’re not related to people and or have friends who are demon spawn.

Savage Son Award goes to…

So, this may not look like something too bad but once you click on those pics you get these two captions on two very different pictures.

These were also originally uploaded to Facebook and had family members tagged in the captions.

Image one:

“Finally touched down in the U.K. nice little Easter surprise for Mum and Dad. Can’t wait to see everyone and sleep in a comfy bed for a couple of weeks before finally heading back. Typical for it to be raining in Manchester and I’ve only got shorts and t-shirts packed.” 

Awwww –

Image two:

“April fools. I’m not back in England. I’m on a beach. I’m sorry. I’m going to hell.” 


Mum is not going to be happy.

Savage Dad Award goes to…

If looks could kill.

Pun Award Goes to…

Now, I did want to stick to just the average person but this was too good.


No really, I CHECKED. Porn site Pornhub is literally Hornhub and is streaming ‘horny’ videos.

“HIT THE HIGH NOTE” | Hornhub.com

There’s going to be a lot of angry people today.

Wholesome April Fool’s Day Prank Alert

And now for a complete 180 degree turn.

So simple yet effective especially when you do this,

It’s oddly uncomfortable to look at.

Dr Who Fans Need To Read This Entire Thread

Just read it.


Classic Dad Joke Time




Again, so simple yet has the ability to cause a Cold War. 

Clickbait Gone Too Far

Yeah, I fell for it too and I’m super salty about it.

And Most Realest tweet goes to…


Oh, and of course – The Political April Fool’s Day Tweet

Whatta day.