WATCH: Sonny Blake Somehow Even Faceplants Adorably, Which Is Impressive

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

There are a lot of things happening the world right now. Most of them bad. To say that things aren’t great, generally, would not be particularly controversial. Climate change. Steeply rising income inequality. The growing fever pitch of xenophobic, racist, nationalist politics. It is all happening. Here is something that’s not that: adorable celebrity child Sonny Foster-Blake faceplanting into the sand.

Viewers of last night’s episode of 60 Minutes would have seen in-depth chats with much-beloved Australian power couple Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster-Blake which, in all likelihood, were full of profound personal revelations and fascinating insights into their lives and their personalities. This is not that. This is video of an adorable celebrity child faceplanting into the sand.

As seen below, Sonny heads for the sand at high speed on his bike, unsurprisingly taking a big pill, to be comforted adorably by his dad. It’s enough to make you wish that one day you could actually afford to have things like income and housing stability and your own family.

Check it out from the 1:17 mark: