Channel 9 Has Shut Down Reports Of A Reality TV Show About Hamish & Zoë Foster Blake

Zoe Foster Blake

Today on Mystery Source Monday, industry insiders are whispering about a potential new reality TV series about the much adored Blake family. But as good as this would be, Nine says it’s not a thing.

I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t love Hamish and Zoë Foster Blake, and their precious children Sonny and Rudy. A reality TV series would be divine, think of the possibilities: entire episodes dedicated to Hamish’s cake-baking abilities, behind-the-scenes at Go-To skincare. I’d watch the shit out of that.

The whispers started when mystery insiders told New Idea that Hamish and Zoë are in talks for a reality TV show, which would follow their personal and professional lives.

“Everyone loves the family, Zoe shares videos of the kids which go viral,” the insider said. They’re not wrong about this.

The couple were said to be in talks with Nine for the show, who “knows it would be a huge hit.” But a spokesperson for the network told P.TV that there just isn’t any truth to this. So that’s that.

Hamish already fronts Nine’s Lego Masters, and has appeared in a slew of shows on the network including True Stories with Hamish & Andy and their chaotic travel show Perfect Holiday. The latter, which premiered last year, follows Hamish and Andy to the United States of A. Hamish planned one half of the trip and Andy planned the other, however neither know what’s on each other’s itinerary. If you’ve yet to glue your eyes to it, you can catch it on 9Now. For little snippets into the Blake’s lives, I suggest following them on Instagram for the good and pure content.

My current favourite video from the family is Rudy staring blankly at the ceiling. It is me every day in isolation.

One more, because Sonny absolutely ruins me.