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Things happen every day without much of an explanation behind them. All over the world, stuff happening. One day there’s a giant monolith in Utah, the next it’s in Romania. You can’t explain it, there is no explanation for it, it’s a thing, it’s happening, and that’s probably enough. That said, there is a giant snorkeller’s head currently swanning about Darling Harbour and I simply must – I must – know what in the blue hell is going on.

Alerted to it via a nondescript email containing not much else but some suspiciously well-shot images, the snorkeller’s head appeared in the harbour waters at some point earlier this morning.

Though it’s specifically located at Cockle Bay, the floating head is incredibly hard to miss: Reports suggest it measures somewhere in the vicinity of 8 metres long, and rises around 5 metres out of the water.

The head carries the fairly unmissable marking of “Cairns & Great Barrier Reef,” which leans itself towards having *something* to do with Queensland – and Tropical North Queensland specifically – but what it is at this stage is quite literally anyone’s guess.

Ordinarily with these things we’d be able to find out some semblance of detail, but in this case we’ve come up with naught but closed doors and sideways glances.

Our questions? Unanswered.

Our enquiries? Unfulfilled.

Our pushing and prodding? Ignored in full.

The chances of it being *some* sort of marketing stunt are quite obviously sky high, but until that particular Schrödinger’s Activation is lifted and all doubt is removed, all we can do is speculate.

What is interesting to ponder, however, is what exactly the giant head is copping a squiz at on the harbour floor.

There be Sydney’s darkest secrets lurking in them thar depths, and this giant man now has a front row seat for all of them. What manner of flotsam, jetsam, and Barangaroo treasure resides hidden b’neath the impenetrable blue?

Only the giant head knows. And the chances be he takes them secrets to his massive, inflatable grave.

The head remains bobbing about the waters at the time of writing if ye wish to head down and see it for yourself. Perhaps his secrets will reveal themselves to you, perhaps not.

One thing’s for sure: This is a thing, and it sure does exist.

Image: Supplied