Shitstain David Leyonhjelm Cracks Jokes About Melbs Incident In Record Time

Is there anything that can or should be said at this point beyond FUCK THIS GUY?
Not even half an hour after the unfolding incident in the Melbourne CBD began, one that to this point has seen one person confirmed dead and approximately 20 others injured, Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm thought it wise to take to Twitter and make a joke about gun control or some other pointless bullshit.

We repeat: One person is confirmed dead, many more injured, in what’s quite obviously a horrifying and extremely scary situation.

But yeah nah, let’s just say whatever dumbfuck asinine thought that comes into our heads, yeah? Let’s not even wait.

“Your point of view” is being an unmitigated cunt, mate. Anything less than resignation after pulling shit like this is unacceptable.

This is an elected senator in our federal parliament, and instead of being an effective politician, he is using his platform and profile to be a smug and insufferable fuckwit.
It’s not even just unbecoming of a public official. It’s unbecoming of a human being.
Go fuck yourself, David. You are legitimate scum.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Facebook.