Sharknado Sequel Confirmed, Syfy Invite You To Name The Impending Horror

It was only until last week that the internet collectively realised the gaping hole in their souls was the absence of a ‘shark’ and ‘tornado’ amalgamation, filled gloriously by the cinematic masterpiece Sharknado that graced our screens, and swelled our hearts.  

The film (can you call it that?) that defied the term, ‘jumping the shark’ by straight up destroying the shark, landing so far beyond the shark that the phrase was rendered useless, as the shark-laden horror was in its own, shark-filled realm, and we need to appreciate its artistry for carving out its own shark niche. Basically, (spoiler alert) #sharks. 

Because Sharknado is arguably the film of the year (producing actual, flawless dialogue such as, “That tornado, do she got the sharks? She do”), and is already gearing up for its inevitable Academy Award takings, US TV channel Syfy has been unsurprisingly hasty to confirm the sequel to their modern classic. Named Sharknado 2, and not to be confused with the upcoming Syfy release Ghost Shark, the sequel will be released next year and will take place in New York City, inevitably featuring a shark storm pulverizing the Statue of Liberty/Empire State Building/Brooklyn Bridge in what will essentially be the best day ever. There’s no word on the plot yet, but as long as we see more of this, we’re in for a treat: 

Syfy has recognised their loyal fan base and have invited Sharknado enthusiasts to think up a subtitle to accompany the movie, and hopefully upstage the simple “enough said!” that proudly said it all on the poster for the original.  

Vulture hopes they’ll opt for “I Still Know What You Did Last Sharknado”, we’re hoping they pioneer a genre-bend with angry shark dance offs, calling it, Sharknado 2: The Streets, while Twitter has been taking up the challenge with purpose, producing so many tempting options, it kind of hurts: