‘Sharknado 5’ To Be Filmed In Australia, Finally Putting Us On The Fkn Map

Sure, ‘Star Wars‘ was filmed here, and so was ‘The Matrix‘ sequels and that new ‘Thor‘ film was shot here, and so was ‘Superman Returns‘ and that new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ flick and one of the ‘Mission Impossible‘ films and that godawful-but-amazing ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers‘ movie too.

But they are all SCUM compared to this! Bah! I spit on them all!
After four films of airborne fish wrecking the shite out of North America, the ‘Sharknado‘ series is now setting its sights on the rest of the world.
And that 100% includes Australia.
SyFy and film producers The Asylum have not only confirmed that production on ‘Sharknado 5‘ is underway as of today, but that part of it will be shot right here in the merry old land of Aus.
The new film, which carries a working title only at this point, is confirmed to feature both Tara Reid and Ian Ziering who will be returning to their shark-punching roles one more time.
The fifth episode of weather-based shark insanity will be shot in “more than” five countries (so, six?) and filming began today in Bulgaria. Beyond that, the production will take in the UK and Australia as the deadly sharknados cause global chaos.
Where exactly filming will take place remains to be seen, and there’s no firm plot details other than “what if sharknados but too much?” (really though, if you’re searching for a rich narrative here you’re dead set mugging yourself). But producers did leak a little bit of the script for the new flick, which looks a little something like this:
Yea… yeah right.
There’s no release date on the horizon for the movie just yet. But if your morning train is delayed due to flying fish any time soon, now you know the reason.
I swear, if I don’t get to see a giant goddamned shark doesn’t eat the Sydney Harbour Bridge I will wreck shit.

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