Ever fantasised about seeing a morning TV host mercilessly mauled by a flying shark? Here’s your goddamned chance!
We already knew that SyFy was planning on shooting a portion of the newest instalment in their long-running, incredibly awful-but-good (gawful?) ‘Sharknadofilm series right here in Australia.
‘Course when that news dropped the easy assumption was to guess that a big fuckin’ shark was gonna take down the Sydney Opera House or something.
The truth, revealed a short while ago, is that the sharks will be targeting a different, but no less huge, Aussie icon: ‘The Today Show.’
Hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson will officially appear in the windy fish flick, reporting on the horrifying events unfolding in the film as the shark storm spreads to a global catastrophe.
SyFy released footage of the pair shooting their scenes, and if looks are anything to go by it would appear that Karl is set to get torn the heck up by those toothy bastards.

Look at that acting. That is champagne.
Karl walks off the set immediately after he’s finished shooting his scenes because he’s a goddamned pro.
Sharknado 5‘ – and by extension Karlos’ horrible bloody death – is scheduled to premiere on August 6th on SyFy.
Might be time to circle that one in the ole’ calendar, folks.

Source: SyFy/Facebook.