Seaworld have tonight released a press release stating that the orcas currently in their care will be the last generation that they ever have. 

The statement openly admits that the decision was all because of public pressure, and the constant petitions and protests that have happened over past generations:

“SeaWorld has been listening and we’re changing. Society is changing and we’re changing with it.”

They also explain that the orcas that are currently in their care couldn’t possibly be released into the wild as per some protester requests, because they wouldn’t survive as they have led their entire lives in human captivity:

“These majestic orcas will not be released into the ocean, nor confined to sea cages. They could not survive in oceans to compete for food, be exposed to unfamiliar diseases or to have to deal with environmental concerns – including pollution and other man-made threats.”

Regardless, this is absolutely an incredible victory for everyone who has put time, passion, effort and energy into creating a future without animals being imprisoned for our entertainment. 


SeaWorld Says This Generation Of Orcas Will Be The Last They Will Ever Have

You can read the full statement from Seaworld here:

Source: Seaworld

Photo: Wolfgang Kaehler / Getty.