An announcement that SeaWorld would be ending their captive orca shows from 2016 came too late for 18-year-old Unna, who died at their San Antonio park today after suffering an infection for several months.

While an autopsy is yet to be performed to determine the exact cause of death, it’s worth noting that in the wild orcas often live anywhere from 50 to 90 years of age. In a statement, SeaWorld were eager to note “Candida, and fungal infections in general, are found in wild cetaceans.”

Nevertheless, sources close to Sea Shepherd claim the whale’s illnesses could have been spurred by her environment.

Of course, the death of another orca in captivity is so glaring due to the revelations put forth by 2013’s landmark doco Blackfish. Since then, SeaWorld itself had taken over on backflip duties with a tireless campaign to convince Joe Public that keeping giant, intelligent aquatic mammals in small tanks is just a-okay. 

Last month’s announcement that they’d be moving to an “all new orca experience focused on natural environments” put and end to that, though. Still, Unna’s dead, and they’re “honouring” her by deciding “to cancel all the killer whale shows at SeaWorld San Antonio today.”

God forbid amusement parks honour whales that way before they die. 

Story: CNN.
Photo: SeaWorld.