Morrison Used The Croods, A Film Nobody Has Thought About Since 2013, As A COVID Metaphor

scott morrison the croods covid cave

We’re now at the point of the pandemic where the Prime Minister is using animated films from nearly 10 years ago as a metaphor for how the country should look to move forward from the last couple of years. His film of choice? None other than the 2013 DreamWorks film, The Croods.

Yesterday, Scott Morrison was banging on about this metaphorical “cave” that Australia could stay in “forever” if we don’t keep charging toward the 70% and 80% fully vaccinated rates. This morning, Morrison expanded on that cave thought, and gave it a bit of context – it’s all about wanting to be like the “young girl” in The Croods.

Morrison appeared on Nine’s Today Show this morning, delving more into his cave analogy, and said it’s “like in that movie, The Croods.

I realise I’m just writing out the movie title over and over here but it truly just bears repeating. The Croods. The John Cleese-written, Nicolas Cage-starring 2013 kids film based around a family of cave people that got mixed, average reviews and currently holds a 55% rating on Metacritic.

That one.

“Now it’s like that movie The Croods,” Morrison said on Tuesday morning.

“Some wanted to stay in the cave and the young girl wanted to deal with the challenges of living in a different world. COVID is a different world. We need to get out of there and live with it.

“We can’t stay in the cave.”

Look, I can see where he’s getting at here but this absolutely out-of-left-field analogy has primed the PM into once again being the butt of today’s wash of jokes online. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve been able to collectively laugh at something so outlandishly baffling, it feels nice. This is nice.

Just stunning stuff, absolutely spectacular takes from the head of the fucking country over here. We get it man, you’ve seen a 2013 DreamWorks film that nobody has even thought about for nearly a decade.

Guess we all have to go watch The Croods (2013) to find out what happens next when we leave the COVID cave.