Gretel Killeen Lays Into Scott Morrison For Lack Of Leadership Amidst Bushfire Crisis

Gretel Killeen

Gretel Killeen has slammed Prime Minister Scott Morrison for his lack of leadership in the bushfire crisis, in a heated Sunrise appearance that saw her clash with fellow panelist Chris Smith.

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Morrison faced heavy criticism this week, after we learned that he had buggered off to enjoy the sun and surf in Hawaii as Australia continues to feel the effects of a devastating fire season.

The Prime Minister announced that he would be flying home today to meet with the Rural Fire Service, with Smith calling the furore around his Hawaiian trip a “beat-up”.

When it came time for Gretel Killeen to give her opinion, she didn’t back, saying she was “gobsmacked” at Smith and host Basil Zempilas for their failure to grasp the concept of leadership.

She said:

“Perhaps a sporting metaphor would be better, Chris – where is the coach of the team when they’re playing on the field? Is he elsewhere?”

Smith began pointing and shouting over the top of her, but Killeen got her best Big Brother face on and calmly told him “Chris, yelling at me will not convince me.” She continued:

“It’s about leadership, and leadership is not necessarily being in the battlefield – it’s showing that your sentiments, your empathy, your vision and your intellect are applied to the problem. [What] this showed is that he was not only physically removed, emotionally removed but intellectually removed.”

You can watch the two of them have it out below. Honestly, though, is it too late for another leadership spill so we can just have bloody Gretel Killeen as Prime Minister?