Perth MP Patrick Gorman has taken issue with Scott Morrison‘s reference to animated film The Croods (2013), and in doing so, he interpreted the comment as a sledge against the great state of Western Australia, inadvertently conceding the caveman-like attributes of his own constituents in the process.

ICYMI: The PM went on the Today show on Tuesday and said we need to learn to live with COVID just like how the characters in The Croods apparently learned to leave their cave, or whatever. It’s a stretch, we know.

Responding to Morrison’s unprompted reference, Gorman hit back with his own equally unprompted response.

“His comparison of Western Australia’s public health measures to living like The Croods is an insult to all Western Australians and especially the workers in our public health system,” Gorman posted on Twitter.

“Saying that Western Australians are ‘wanting to stay in their cave’ shows he does not fully comprehend the disaster in New South Wales nor does he understand life in Western Australia.

“The Prime Minister should apologise for these uninformed and insensitive comments. Today.”

It’s worth noting that Morrison himself never uttered the words “Western Australia” and “The Croods” in the same sentence.

Sure, he was clearly referring to the WA Premier Mark McGowan, who has a penchant for sealing the borders shut at the drop of a hat, but taking this relatively vague sledge personally might be a bit of an overreaction.

“We are not in lockdown, we are the freest community anywhere in Australia, perhaps anywhere in the world. We don’t have any restrictions,” McGowan later told reporters.

“We are not living in caves — we are living a normal life.”

But like… imagine hearing The Croods and immediately feeling insulted, like Gorman apparently did. Couldn’t be me.

For Gorman, it seems, the Crood feud is far from over.

The man was as blunt in his statement as a Paleolithic stone cutting implement: “Western Australians will remember Scott Morrison’s continued disrespect and ongoing bullying at the next election.”