Here’s Scott Morrison Giving The Queen A Book About A Fucking Horse

Prime Minister Scott Morrison met Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace last night and the coconut-headed git gave Lizzie, on behalf of the nation of Australia, a signed copy of Winx: Greatest of All Racehorsesthe authorised biography of the racehorse Winx.

That happened overnight. It’s real and it’s deeply stupid. But we’ll circle back to it in a minute.

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In the 17 days since the Federal Election returned a Coalition Government to power, Morrison has managed to walk back completely on a core election promise to push through tax breaks that would gift the bulk of working Australians a rebate of $1,080 in this year’s tax return. Not only that, it’s since been revealed that Morrison knew that he could not fulfil that promise, nor did he ever really have any intention of doing it in the first place.

Documents signed by the Prime Minister when he initially called the election show he was acutely aware that the rebates could not be legislated by July 1st as promised, given he himself authorised June 28 as the deadline for parliamentary writs to be returned, leaving a window of just two days – a Saturday and Sunday – to recall Parliament and pass the legislation.

Morrison has not commented on that, and rank-and-file members of the press gallery have, quite bafflingly, thus far not forced the PM to face questioning on the matter.

In addition to that, in the days since the election Morrison has broken another election promise to retain Melissa Price as the Environment Minister, almost immediately pushing her into the Defence Industry portfolio and handing the vital Environment job to Sussan Ley, who previously rorted the parliamentary entitlements scheme so badly – she used taxpayer money to fund a trip to the Gold Coast where she purchased an investment property for herself – that she forced a hardline Coalition Government to reform it.

In addition to that, Morrison has now overseen an Australian Federal Police raid on a journalist, with yesterday’s outrageous investigations into News Corp journo Annika Smethurst over a story published in 2018 over reported secret Government plans to expand surveillance operations on ordinary Australian citizens. A raid that Morrison claimed was “[a matter for] the AFP, not the Government,” even though the matter was referred to the AFP by Peter Dutton‘s departmental head Mike Pezzullo, and a raid that Morrison has since stated he’s fine with because “​it never troubles me that our laws are being upheld,” even though it fucking should.

And just now, even as I write this, the AFP is conducting another raid, this time on the ABC offices in Sydney.

Great. Really normal stuff, all this.

Again, this has all happened in the 17 days since the Federal Election.

But anyway, here’s Prime Minister Fuckwit giving our imperialist head of state a book about a bloody horse.

Happy Wednesday.