Watch Scott Morrison Attempt To Entertain The Queen With All The Charisma Of A Damp Towel

Scott Morrison is nothing if not consistent when it comes to his excruciatingly awkward chats with his ceremonial boss, Queen Elizabeth II.

The PM met with the Queen on his trip to the UK, where he was a visitor at the G7 summit in Cornwall. After the meeting, he swung by Windsor Castle (where he was the first person to be recieved in the Oak Room by the Queen since before the pandemic) to gasbag with the lady who adorns our coins.

“So you were down there but I didn’t see you, in Cornwall,” the Queen asked.

That’s when the PM had to explain himself to Big Lizzie.

“No, that was just the G7, Your Majesty. We were sort of an extension party, as they call them,” Morrison said.

Morrison then preceded to blabber with all the charisma of someone speaking down to their sickly grandmother with dementia.

“You were… you were quite the hit!” Morrison told the Queen.

“Everyone was talking about you at dinner the next night.”

To this, the Queen stared at the ground and replied: “Oh Lord, were they really?”

The man was clearly on the verge of calling the Queen “mum”.

This is far from the first time Morrison has had a cringe-inducing chat with the CEO of colonialism herself.

Last time they met in person, Morrison bungled the whole thing by saying he and wife Jenny had just arrived “from the Solomon Islands”, which sent the poor Queen into a spin of confusion about which head of what government she was in fact speaking to.

He then wrapped up that particular meeting by giving her the official autobiography of the racehorse Winx, for some reason.

Always lovely to see a bit of Aussie kitsch on the world stage. As for awkward and stunted conversations? Not so much.