Labor’s Election Review Found Its Federal Win Was Thanks To Scott Morrison’s Sheer Unpopularity

scott morrison

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) famously won the Feddy Leccy (Federal Election) in May of this year, ending a nine year Liberal rule. Now Labor’s internal election review has established the number one reason for that win: Scott Morrison. I’m shocked!

Ex-Labor cabinet minister Greg Combet and ex-strategist Lenda Oshalem were in charge of the review, which clocks in at a whopping 60 pages. Some fun reading for big dog Anthony Albanese over his morning coffee.

The review found that while “several factors” contributed to Labor’s win, there was one big factor.

“The unpopularity of Scott Morrison and his government was the most significant,” it said.

I wonder why? Maybe it was the time he scooted off to Hawaii while the country was beset by bushfires, or his piss-poor response to climate change? Or his government’s treatment of LGBTQIA+ people?

Who could forget when he managed to absolutely body a child while playing a game of soccer? Good times!

Indeed, the Labor review actually broke down some of the reasons for Morrison’s unpopularity.

Those included his failure to “accept responsibility and demonstrate leadership when confronted with natural disasters”, politicising the pandemic by launching attacks on Labor state and territory governments and leaders, and his “failure to understand and empathise with the experience of women” — to name just a few.

Roast him, why don’t ya!

Despite pointing out the fatal flaws of Morrison, the review also acknowledged changes Labor should make. It pointed out that while Morrison and his government were unpopular, Labor’s share of the primary vote actually fell to its lowest level since 1934.

One of the reasons for this was the “decision by the Labor campaign to focus voter attention on Scott Morrison’s shortcomings as a leader”.

It also pointed to factors like the rise of The Greens and independents, as well as the decision to “offer a smaller and more tightly targeted set of policies”. 

However, it also said Labor’s campaign victory ultimately “affirmed the Labor campaign’s strategic judgement to maintain focus on the Morrison Government’s negatives, and to present a more targeted set of policies, even if it may have moderated the primary vote”.

The review offered 27 recommendations for Labor, and acknowledged the loss of support in traditional heartland areas.

They said this was repeated in the Victorian state election and was a “significant concern”.

One of the recommendations was a strategy for opposing three-cornered contests: AKA actively contesting The Greens’ policies and political positions. Interesting!

It also recommended creating specific plans to address “voter dissatisfaction” in areas of outer-suburban Melbourne and Western Sydney, retain the seats gained in WA and improve the party’s presence in Queensland and Tassie.

According to the review, the Coalition’s “path back to government” looks difficult but there is “no room for Labor complacency”.

Well, I’ll be keeping a close eye on it to say the least.