A *Chef’s Kiss* Roundup Of The Most Satisfying Right-Wing Meltdowns Following Labor’s Victory

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The Australian people have officially given Scott Morrison the boot and can someone please check on the nation’s hard-line right-wingers? Staring down the barrel of (at least) three years of Anthony Albanese, it’s fair to say our country’s more conservative voices are NOT happy with the sitch. Let’s check out the best bits.

Let’s start with this absolute PEARLER from Sky News host Rowan Dean shared by none other than former Labor PM Kevin Rudd.

Dean is heard absolutely canning the Liberal Party for their loss during this election in a monologue that’s giving shit Shakespeare.

Classic lines such as, “now we are faced with three years of hardcore left-wing government that will destroy the fabric of this nation.”

Three years of hardcore left-wing government? SIGN ME UP.

“We will see our living standards crushed. Our livelihoods damaged our cultural institutions devastated. Our kids’ future prosperity decimated.” Well — sounds like the previous 9 years under The Coalition but whatever, mate.

Another casualty of this year’s election was former Liberal MP Dave Sharma.

Dave not only LOST on election night but took the absurd step of deleting his entire Twitter account as highlighted by 6 News’ Leonardo Puglisi.

Grow up Dave, honestly.

Next up, someone better check on the Andrew Bolt Supporters Page on Facebook cos those 30,000 units have spat the dummy big time.

We should probably preface that with all right-wing Facebook groups, the numbers can be deceiving since heaps of lefties usually join the group for comedic purposes. It’s probably closer to 3,000 actual supporters.

Apparently, Albo’s time as PM will turn out to be an “I told you so”. Get back to me in 12 years when you next get back in government, dickheads.

Even before the election, the right-wing goon squad was pre-empting the fallout.

How good is attacking the world’s most in-need-of-our-help people? Yikes.

We’ll leave you with a few satisfying clap-back tweets. Pls enjoy.