All The Best Reactions From That Time The Prime Minister Flattened A Child Like Fettuccine

By now, anyone with an internet connection in Australia knows Scott Morrison delivered one of the great biffs of sports history to a small child in Tasmania on Wednesday afternoon.

Like any significant world event nowadays, it’s often the online reactions that really encapsulate the moment. Let’s take a cheeky peek at some of those, shall we?

There’s so much to analyse here. So much content to go over with a magnifying class for comedic purposes.

For starters, the timing couldn’t be worse for Scott Morrison who has spent the entire week telling Aussies that he’s changed and is no longer a “bulldozer“. Well well well, I guess the proof is in the soccer ball-shaped pudding.

But before we go any further, we should just state that the youngster in the vid is 100 per cent fine. The little legend kid popped right back up again and continued the game like an absolute champ.

Alrighty, without further ado. Let’s get crackin’.

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And there we have it!

With the federal election being held on Saturday May 21 — Scott “Bulldozer” Morrison will be hoping voters don’t think tackling a small child on the soccer pitch is a disqualifying act on the path to reelection.

At the very least, he deserved a red card.

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