Climate Strikers Protested Outside Kirribilli House & The PM’s Response Was Patronising AF

March 25th marked the annual global Climate Strike and lemme tell you, Aussie youth did not disappoint.

The Sydney School Strike 4 Climate protestors rocked up outside PM Scott Morrison’s official residence Kirribilli House. As expected, the footage is fkn epic. We simply love to see young Aussies calling for climate justice.

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing climate strike protests like this.

Personally obsessed with this particular sign.

Lismore teenager Ella O’Dwyer-Oshlack spoke at the Sydney climate strike. She lost her house in the Lismore floods.

“We have leaders that don’t lead us in the right direction, in fact we are going in the exact wrong direction,” Ella said as per the ABC.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald around 2000 school students rocked up outside Kirribilli House.

There were 36 strikes held around the country with protests in Adelaide, Melbourne and Newcastle to name just a handful. So yeah, while the world feels scary sometimes it’s fucking incredible to see young Aussies taking a stand.

I’m a particular fan of the “oceans are rising, so are we” placard.

Predictably, Scott Morrison’s response to the protests was patronising as fuck.

“As a government, we’ve taken the challenge of climate change seriously,” he told reporters.

IDK, maybe if that was true people wouldn’t be striking?

“I think it’s important as young people are growing up and have an understandable keen interest in this issue because it affects their futures,” Scott Morrison continued.

“But I would encourage them to understand that Australia, contrary to what they might be being told by many people with other agendas … is reducing its emissions by 20 per cent.”

Kind of weird to assume that kids care about climate change because they’re being told to by people with “agendas”. Maybe kids care about the climate because it’s their futures most at stake?

Morrison then assumed that the climate strikers just didn’t know about Australia’s emissions reduction.

“They probably mightn’t know [that] Australia has reduced its emissions by more than New Zealand, by more than Canada, by more than the United States, by more than Japan,” he said.

“They might not know that, because they’ve probably only ever been told that Australia isn’t doing these things, but the opposite is true.”


Maybe it’s because experts are the ones warning us about the climate crisis? Maybe young Australians are seeing things like the sixth mass bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef and devastating floods two years after bushfires ravaged the country? Just a thought.

So a huge bloody shoutout to the youth climate strike. And none for Scott Morrison, bye!