Here’s That Awkward Vid Of Scott Morrison Saying “Ni Hao” To A Korean Voter

Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is being skewered on social media after he greeted a Korean-Australian voter with “ni hao” – hello in Mandarin – while campaigning in StrathfieldSydney. 

[jwplayer 82lS4qwO]

The blunder came as Morrison appeared to accuse the Labor Party of racism after he compared Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek‘s comments about the Indian-owned Adani coal mine to Michael Daley‘s views on Asians in Sydney. The former state Labor leader was filmed telling voters that young people were “fleeing” the city because their jobs were being taken by migrants “typically from Asia.” 

On Friday, Plibersek told ABC radio the country could not rely on an “Indian mining company to bring jobs to central and north Queensland.”

“I think there’s form here from the Labor Party, particularly here in NSW,” Morrison told reporters on Saturday morning. “At the recent state election, we had Michael Daley saying Asians will take your jobs. Now we’ve got Tanya Plibersek, who would be deputy prime minister of the country, saying that Indian businesses can’t create jobs.”

Morrison also criticised Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for taking “six days to denounce” Daley’s words.

On the very same day, Morrison was filmed greeting a woman with “ni hao”. She responded: “No, no, no I’m Korean.”

People responded accordingly.

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